Services Provided by Startup Door

Corporate Compliances and Business Formation

For any business to grow and become successful, it is very important that correct choice with regard to structure of organisation be made. Startup Door not only help the Startup to select the right nature of their organisational structure rather also extend their services to meet all the corporate compliances required from their end throughout the year.

Business Formation:

  • Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration
  • LLP Registration
  • Partnership Firm Registration
  • One Person Company Registration
  • Sole Proprietorship Registration
  • NGO/Section 8 Company Registration
  • Company Name Strike Off/Name Removal


  • Annual ROC Filing
  • Annual ROC Compliance

Contract Management

A duly negotiated, vetted and executed Contract is the first step towards any successful transaction. Startups are required to execute diverse set of contract in order to secure their rights and fix liabilities on others. Startup Door assists Startups to execute right set of contracts to enter in different transactions so that their interest is always secured.

  • Licensing Agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Vendor Contract Agreement
  • Web Agreements – Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Contract
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Shareholding Agreement
  • Founder’s Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Loan Agreement

Financial Compliances

For any successful business, proper financial advice as well as financial compliances are required consistently. Startup Door provides three fold services to the budding Startups and helps in strengthening their financial base. We provide proper guidance for raising of funds for Startups taking into account the Foundes’ interest. Startup Door, through their professional advisory, help in management of financials and meet all financial compliances throughout the year.

  • Tax & Accounting
  • GST Registration
  • GST Return Filing
  • Income Tax Filing for Capital Gain Income
  • ITR Filing for Professional/Freelance
  • ITR Filing for Small Business/Trader/NGO
  • Finance Projecting
  • Other Accounting services

Intellectual Property Rights

In today’s competitive world, protecting your IPR is of utmost importance from a long term perspective. Startup Door helps entities in trademark registration. It also advises client on how to keep their business identity and business model totally exclusive.

  • Trademark Registration for Company
  • Trademark Registration for Individuals/Freelancers


It is not always possible for Startups to keep separate HR executives due to fund constrain at initial stage. Startup Door helps Startups by providing them innovative HR solutions in line with global standards. For further information, kindly reach us at or call us at 7903032556.

Note: People who want to work for Startups can provide their CV and get registered with Startup Door from where the Startups can hire them and get in touch directly. For this, the professionals/freshers have to mail their CV along with their area of interest at

Digital Designing and Marketing

For any Startup, the first and foremost thing is getting a logo, name card, brochure and other personalised digital designs that help them establish their identity in the market. We, at Startup Door provide this service from some of the finest digital designers in the market who would leave no stone unturned to make the first impression of your Startup look absolutely perfect. Furthermore, in competitive market, digital marketing of the Startup is extremely important to reach a large and targeted audience. Startup Door provides a platform for all the Startups willing to develop their business in more systematic and targeted approach.

Event Management and Networking

Startup Door, through their set of professionals helps Startups in organising and managing events. They can promote themselves and improve their branding at an affordable rate.